Helsinki Summer 2022 


In the Europe between ‘500 and '700 many princes, intellectuals and men of science were starting an eclectic collecting phenomenon consisting in balancing art with science. And all the objects and things which aroused wonder at that time, were closely related to the idea of private ownership.  Just this fact started and stimulated the growth and the spread of ‘collecting’, as a phenomenon already well known in ancient times. The aim of the collectors was to be able to own, often under the payment of a big amount of money, many wonderful objects coming mostly from the world of nature or crafted. With an extraordinary and original approach driven by imagination, curiosity, surprise, the taste of rarity, the aesthetic appreciation and the originality were associated with the need to know the world more in depth. So that all the sort of collections, including the most unusual and bizarre variants, were gathered in the Wunderkammer, also called ‘Marvelous Rooms’ or ‘Curiosity Rooms’ in French 



The Cable Factory is the Finland's largest cultural center. It houses 3 museums, 10 galleries, dance theaters, art schools, artists, musical groups and companies. Around 900 people work daily at the Cable Factory and around 340,000 people attend here many special events every year. Once an industrial complex that produced cables, Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo now is part of Trans Europe Halles (www.teh.net), an European network of independent cultural centers, with over 70 members across Europe.