Oratory of the Passion

14-21 December 2021 


In a historical moment in which shared visual universes have revolutionized the concept of art, today's viewers dothey compare contextually with the new productions and the past. This daily experience lived by a wide audience generates visual and mental horizons in which it is possible to question the past and current functions ofsee art to reconsider its seductive power and cultural role. UNIVERSI CONDIVISI is an exhibition inspired by humanism. A humanism not focused on an artistic ideal to be pursued, nor so muchless characterized by the celebration of man as being able to dominate what surrounds him; if anythinga humanism that celebrates man's ability, through art.The works are born from the experimental combination of different elements and languages in search of the point ofmeeting between lightness and complexity from which to venture into the exploration of psychological, political and geographiessocial aspects of contemporary globalized culture. Art is a pretext to investigate key concepts of ourspresent, such as identity, nationality, democracy, power, freedom, participation and social changes.