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12th - 18th of May 2021
Oratory of the Passion

The exhibition aims to evoke in the mind and soul of the public a crucial moment for art. The exhibiting artists, from accross the whole world, testify very good the desire to communicate and impress, and the selected artworks transport us to a place full of creative vivacity. In a conference in 1961 in New York, George Maciunas used the term ‘Fluxus’ for the first time to indicate the characteristics of the movement he was about to set up. The artworks, and even more the creative action in the art-making process, is seen to overflow and flow like a raging river, in opposition to the art, in a general sense, intended just as a consumer good for few people. The exhibit wants to offer to the spectators a sort of depersonalization of the art, flowing toward the idea that "everything is art", using the special venue of the Oratory of the Passion, Basilica of S.Ambrogio in Milan, as a privileged place for the communication of this concept. In this scenario, we can see the art beginning to lose its conventional form, expanding to the point of raising uncertainty and chaos as main foundation of ideas. Spanning between different media, from sculpture to video, from painting to photography, the works on display are articulated around Chaos. The exhibition refuses a logically consecutive reading, giving the spectator the opportunity to compose the whole vision and the succession of artworks as per own wish.


Past Exhibitions

12th Nov 2019 - 17th Nov 2019

The exhibition aims to carry out a problematic investigation, for samples of particular exemplary value, around the portrait in today's art, focusing on the key themes of the visual representation of the self and the other, of the hermeneutic relationship that it is established between reality, representation and perception, between object and subject (which paints and which looks), between rendering of appearance, which makes the portrayed recognizable, and an effort to restore what is not directly available to the eye. 


4th Dec 2018 - 9th Dec 2018

This project identifies one of the historical landmarks of the city that is able to give visibility to some excellence in the world of art and let the contemporaneous works to be crossed by the genius loci of the place, in a two-way and synergic relationship. For this reason, the exhibition does not require a fixed theme or a technical interpretation: the artist establishes with his work a code of personal dialogue with the place.

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25th May - 2nd Jun 2017

In occasion of Jubilee of Mercy, with the bolla Misericordiæ vultus, the Basilica of S. Ambrogio Passion's Oratory has been indicated like Jubilee Church.

The Mercy Door, place strongly symbolic for the Jubilee progress, is individuated in the ancient central door of the Basilica. Milan confirm to be one of the most important international hub for the valorisation of the creative thought and ideal city for the production of contemporary art, that just here found the fertile ground to sprout in future success and in new developments, and become then, again, vanguard, in a moment so significant for the world of contemporary creativity



6th Jul 2015 - 13th Jul 2015

The centrality of Milan in the European context is a preferential element for the assignment of the Expo, a great cultural project that enhances our heritage and strengthens collaborations. Milan, Italy's ambassador to the world, welcomed this extraordinary event by creating opportunities for relationships and communication channels. This network of relationships overlaps the urban area and has its convergence at the center, a heritage of history and a forge of the future.