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MILAN - Oratory of the Passion
December 2021


Oratory of the Passion

Historical venue pictures, courtesy by www.milanofotografo.it 
Exhibitions photogalleries by Lucrezia Cambilargiu
oratorio della passione milano parete de

December 2021

The next international exhibit at the Oratory of the Passion, in December 2021, Join us with your art!


Helsinki - Kaapeli
Spring 2022

Helsinki, the Kaapeli cultural center at the famous Cable Factory, Finland and contemporary art are more and more close to each other


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Who we are


Ideas, transformed 
into specific disciplines


For twenty years the Jelmoni Gallery is committed to a series of constantly evolving art projects. There have been great and talented artists working for us, conferences on contemporary philosophy, research exhibitions and initiatives in the cinema and video art. field. In this prestigious location in Milan we want to offer new opportunities to broaden and deepen our ways of learning. 

We are convinced that culture is profoundly useful and necessary, as well as engaging and attractive. It must enrich our daily life, helping us to understand the changes that take place in us and in the world. This belief will be the basis of Jelmoni Gallery's activities. Our main interest are ideas, and the ways in which artists transform them into specific disciplines. Coexistence will generate unpredictable resonances and cultural intersections.

Founded in 1995, our gallery works with artists such as Denis Santachiara, Bruto Pomodoro, Eugenio Degani, Marina Burani, Graziano Pompili, Fondazione Pomodoro, Domodinamica Milano, Iler Melioli, Massimiliano Cammellini, Walter Davanzo, Nino Jelmoni, Omar Galliani, Michelngelo Galliani, Horst Kistner, Fabian Freese, Francesco Merletti, Ralf Rainer Odenwald.

For over 15 years, the gallery has been working in some of the most active cultural centers in Berlin, London and Milan dealing with Pictorial, Pop, Minimal, Conceptual Art, Video Art, Industrial Design. The gallery continues to propose emerging artists, maintaining its own spirit of research that has always distinguished it, collaborating with some teachers of the Brera Academy.

The Gallery also deals with the organization of exhibitions in public spaces with specific curatorial projects and the publication of catalogs. Jelmoni Elena graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in theatrical and cinematographic scenography with Tito Varisco scenographic director of the La Scala theater in Milan and Gastone Mariani rector for years of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

After having worked at the Teatro dell’Elfo Milan, Teatro Regio Parma, Teatro Alla Scala Milan, Piccolo Teatro in Milan, Carcano Milan, Teatro Parenti Milan, she decided to found the Jelmoni Studio Gallery.

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